Platoon 720 is so professional and focused on clients getting results first. The variety of programs offered makes it easy to work with them no matter how poor you think your financial situation is. I highly recommend this service for your credit repair needs.

- Tracie Jackson

I highly recommended Terrilski. His hard work has gotten things deleted off of my credit report. My credit score has increased. He’s also very intentional about communicating new information he gets or sees on my report. I appreciate how Terrilski explained the process as we go.

- Jamie Lynn Speaks

I recommend Mr.Davis to anyone who wants to grow their credit score,expand their business or just want to put themselves and their families in a better position. I couldn't think of a better person to assist you. I just want to personally thank you for impacting me and my family God bless!

- Gary Jackson Jr.

I want to say that my phone consultation with Terril Davis was way more than I expected,the first thing he did was look at my credit score and came up with a solution for my problem,he also let me know that if I be patient,if you are coachable and follow directions then you will see a huge change in your credit score as well,Terril really care about fixing your credit and you as a person,he is really trying to help change your life for the best.There are alot of things that people are confused and lost about when it comes to their credit but Terril really shows you what is best for you and what can really help you,dont get me wrong there is alot of credit repair companies out there that can help you but it's good to connect with a person like Terril Davis that really cares about your credit and well being instead of looking at you as just another person to do business with and make money off of you. When I got off the phone with him I was truly amazed because all the things he told me about my credit and ways he could help me, I never knew existed,I was going crazy inside like wow OMG Really, lol,so if there is anybody out there that needs their Credit Repaired and life to change I strongly encourage and recommend that you to PLEASE reach out to Terril Davis!!!!

- Jim Malvesto

This company offers a wealth of knowledge in credit repair and business strategies that has allowed me to focus on the next level of investing. Thanks for everything!

- Romein Pstacks Pemberton

Platoon 720 is here for anyone that needs help. Especially Terril Davis, he's a kind of a person that understand his clients very well. Do not worry to ask any questions about your credit score because he is good at this.

- Isabelle Delice Pierre