Here's How our Dispute Assistance Program Works

We examine your credit reports and scores to potentially save you thousands in interest rates and unexpected fees. Call us before you make your next big purchase, apply for that new auto or home loan; exit the military or refinance anything.

Step 1: Free Consultation with $49 Credit Analysis


Get your credit file examined by one of our experts to see if you qualify for our program. A low score is not a guarantee that you need credit repair. Knowing exactly what's affecting your scores can help you decide your next step going forward. 

  • One Hour Review of All 3 Reports from Major Bureaus
  • Identify All Negative Accounts Affecting the Score
  • Identify Any Errors and Inaccuracies
  • Review Personal Information and Inquiries
  • Spot any possibilities of Identity Theft
  • Provide Expert Feedback and Education

Step 2: Select the Program Right for You

We have two simple programs to help you improve your credit scores. There are no upfront fees prior to any work here. We only bill after work has been completed and services rendered.
  • 24/7 Online Access and Progress Tracking
  • Customized Action Plan 
  • On-Going Credit Coaching and Education 

$89 Monthly Membership Fee

This formation allows you to pay a flat fee for unlimited service monthly 

*For Credit Files with numerous negative accounts and very positive credit lines

$89 Flat Rate Monthly includes Monitoring Services 
3 Bureau Report updates
Unlimited Transunion Scores
No Contract/ Cancel Anytime
Unlimited Letter Preparation Disputing  
90 Day Score Action Plan
Monthly Updates and Review of Progress

$19 Al-a-Carte Membership

This program does not include monitoring! Only pay for accounts that need attention based on current needs.

*Recommended for simple credit files with few errors and inaccuracies

$19 Per Account Disputed
No Contract/ Cancel Anytime
Letter Preparation and Assistance
Score Builder Program and Resources
Monthly Review Call and Updates
*Credit Monitoring must be purchased separately $24.99 Click Here

Step 3: Welcome to the Family

Congratulations on joining the Platoon 720 Family of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Active Clients who are experiencing success with our services. You're not just another number we treat you like our very own and here when you need us.
Partnership and Client Relations

Partnership and Client Relations

  • Referral based relationship building
  • Couples Discount Program
  • Opportunities for our partners to increase their bottom-line 
  • Current Clients save on their membership fees
  • Partnered Realtors, Loan Officers, Car Dealerships and Local Banks
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction